About us

Our Vision

To develop a more sustainable workforce for the future of Cumbria.

Our Mission

By working in collaboration with the community and industry to meet skills demand, we will support the attraction, development and retention of a talented local workforce, creating thriving communities across Cumbria.

Industry driven

All Together Cumbria is an innovative social enterprise and recruitment desk supporting businesses in Cumbria to connect with local skilled people.

Owned by Morgan Sindall Group plc, our community impact company is led by a management committee comprising Jacobs, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure Ltd and Sellafield Ltd as an industry-driven solution to help reduce the skills gaps that exist within Cumbria today and potentially in the future.

Recruitment provider

All Together Cumbria works in partnership with key recruitment specialists Clearnorth Recruitment, NRL, Riverside Recruitment, Rullion, TKM Construction Recruitment, VGC Group and Westlakes Recruit; these recruitment consultants have access to extensive candidate databases and talent networks across multiple sectors, helping businesses to find the right people for their organisation.

Innovative social enterprise

Profits generated through transactions with partners and associates (local businesses) are re-invested back into Cumbria aligned to our Skills and Employability plan.

Working with key community partnerships, local organisations, collaborations and collective impact consortiums we work to improve the lives of people living and working in Cumbria, and provide enhanced opportunities for local people through education, retraining and improving skills.

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